10 Helpful Pant Hanger Hacks

Did you know the original clothes hanger was invented all the way back in 1903! The story goes, since there were no coat hooks left at work, a frustrated employee fashioned a wire hanger to hang his own coat from.

The pant hangers so familiar to us have been around since 1935 when Elmer D Rogers added the lower bar.

While life would be hard without pant hangers, these closet workhorses are pretty underutilized.

Well, not anymore. Keep reading to see our top 10 pant hangers hacks, in and out of the closet.


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1. Add Felt for No Slips

Isn't it annoying when you hang something like a tank top on your pant hangers and it slides right off?

This is where those spare furniture felt pads come in handy. Stick one on either arm of your hanger to stop that slippage.

If you don't happen to have felt pads lying around, then a couple of rubber bands wound around each corner will also do the trick.

2. Double Up With Ring-Pulls

Just finished a can of soda? Before you throw it away, snap off the ring-pull!

These nifty little two-holed treasures are your pant hangers' friends. Drape your skirt or pants on one hanger, and slip the ring-pull over its head.

Add the second half of your outfit to another hanger, and hook it into the free hole. Now you have a whole outfit ready to go. Simple!

3. Make a Clothesline for Your Smalls

Smalls can take up precious space on the line, so why not use pants hangers instead?

Take a metal hanger and carefully unwind the neck. Slide on some plastic clothes pegs, and wind the neck back up again.

Hook the hanger on your clothesline, and you've just saved yourself heaps of space!

Another thing you can use this nifty hack for is all those mysterious missing socks. Hang it in your closet and every time you find a single sock, peg it on your pants hanger. Then take it down when you find its pair.

4. Add Foam for No Creases

Hate that horizontal crease in your pants or skirt?

Take a piece of insulating foam tubing. Measure it against your pant hanger's cross-bar and snip it to size. Next, make a slit at half the depth, from one end all the way to the other.

Slip the foam onto your pant hangers at the slit, et voila! No more creases.

Or, slip the tubing over the head of your hanger so the shoulders of your jacket don't go flat.

You can also use this hack for crease-free bedding, pillowcases, quilts and more.

5. Make Pants Hangers into Coat Hangers

If you're like most people, you've probably got lots of metal pant hangers in your closet. Problem is, your coats and tops keep sliding right off them.

All you need for this clever hack is a pair of pliers and a fat marker pen, or piece of pipe.

Take your metal hanger and slide your pen into the corner. Next, take your pliers and squeeze down on the part of the hanger beside the pen.

And there you have it - instant coat hangers at a fraction of the cost.

6. Hang Your Shoes

Got lots of shoes taking up your precious floor space? There's a hack for that.

All you need is some clever bending for this hanging trick, but for perfectionist precision, use pliers for those straight edges.

Take a metal hanger, grab both the corners and squeeze them together until you've got an upside-down 'V' shape.

Now, loop the center peak of the crosspiece over the head of the hanger. Take each of the arms that are facing down at this point, and bend them back on themselves. They'll form two hooks that you can slip your shoes onto.

Now you can hang shoes in your closet, off a coat stand - really anywhere that keeps your floor clear and clutter-free.

7. A Recipe Book Holder

Love recipe books and magazines, but hate how they get in the way? Or maybe the pages keep flipping at that crucial stage of cooking.

To save space on your counter, and keep your pages firmly in place, all you need is a hanger with clips, like this one.

Open your recipe book to the page you want, and clip it in place. Hang it from a kitchen cupboard handle, and you're done! No extra tweaking necessary.

8. A Magazine Rack

Everyone reads in the bathroom, right? Sure we do.

To keep your bathroom reading-material fresh, turn a hanger into a cool magazine rack.

Just take a wire hanger and hook it onto your towel rail, bathroom unit - anywhere you've got space. (Or, use this hack-within-a-hack, and place an eraser on the surface you want to hang from. Rest the head of your hanger on top, for non-slip staying power.)

When you're finished... slide your magazine onto the hanger, so the inner spine hits the crosspiece. And there you have it, a magazine rack.

Get a magazine with a pretty cover and it makes some cool, albeit sideways, art to brighten up the room.

9. Organize Your Washi Tape

If you're the crafty type, you'll know that washi tape is a pain to store. Enter the pant hanger.

You'll need pliers and wire cutters for this hack. First, unwind the wire neck of your hanger. Then, take the open end and hook it around the neck of the hanger, and trim the excess with the wire cutters.

Now you can hook and unhook your reels of washi tape with ease!

Or if you have any open-ended hangers on hand, those work great, too. Simply slip your washi tape on, and you're good to go.

10. Streamline Your Closet

We hate to admit it, but sometimes we end up with way too many clothes. Use this easy hack, and you'll quickly work out those items you don't wear anymore.

All you need to do is hang all your hangers backward in your closet, with the curved neck facing away from you.

Then, every time you wear a garment, put the hanger back the usual way round, neck facing you.

At the end of 6 months, everything you don't wear will still be hung backward. Gather up the garments and donate them to Goodwill, or sell them on eBay for some extra cash.

The Takeaway

Pant hangers are a vital part of our wardrobe toolkit. Follow our hacks and you'll get even more use from the lowly hanger, whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, or when you feel like whipping up something with washi tape.

With so many uses, how will you repurpose your next pants hanger?

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