10 Simple Ideas for Organizing Your Walk In Closet

Whether your walk in closet is big or small, maximize the space you have with proper organization. Discover 10 simple ideas for organizing your closet here!

People love using a walk-in closet. These closets work in apartments and houses. But if it's not organized, the size of a walk-in closet won't matter. 

If it's messy, it never functions as it should! Instead, it can seem so overpacked that it overwhelms.

Get organized with these ten tips.

10 Simple Ideas for Organizing Your Walk-In Closet

Here are 10 ways to organize your closet. None of them cost a lot of money, but all of them save a lot of space and time.

1. Separate What to Keep and What to Chuck

Organizing your closet doesn't mean that you need to arrange everything you own. More than likely, you need to get rid of some of it.

A great way to start this project would be

  • looking at what you have
  • deciding what to keep
  • deciding what to donate
  • deciding what is devoid of any value. 

This clears away clutter and makes room for what you really love to wear.

2. Separate the Closet Into Seasonal Spaces

Select an area of the closet for each season. Once you have the areas decided, place a divider between each season. 

To create four or two season spaces (depending on where you live), use different shaped metal dividers between each area.

Dividers provide superb sight cues which bring us to our next suggestion: utilize color.

3. Separate the Clothes Into Seasonal Items

Pick four different colored stickers then place one on each hanger to show the season of that particular item.

For example, let's say a yellow sticker signifies a summer item, a blue sticker means spring, an orange sticker means autumn, and a white sticker means winter. Once you put this system in place, it's easy to follow. 

Colorful hangers function in the same way.

4. Use Colorful Hangers

When you organize your clothes into colors that denote the clothing type, it's so much easier to get dressed.

A simple way to do this is to use the same color of hanger for one type of clothes. 

For instance, hang pants on green hangers and blouses on pink hangers. Color helps you identify clothing items quickly. This saves time when you need to rush out the door in the morning or get ready for an important event. 

Even better, color gives your closet a fresh vibe each day!

And speaking of days...

5. Use Daily Tags to Save More Time

Daily tags help you plan your outfits and keep everything ready-to-wear in one spot. You can pick five work outfits for the week then set them apart from the rest of the closet with a tag that shows the day of the week.

These tags are beyond affordable and last forever. And now let's look at how to help some of your clothes last forever.

6. Slip Into Something More Comfortable That's Not on the Floor

No-slip hangers are a must for many types of clothes, especially dresses and silk items like robes. Because they won't stay put on normal hangers, these pieces often wind up on the floor where they suffer damage.

Or worse, they disappear into that weird place where one sock from each pair goes when you do laundry.

Don't even get us started on that. Just make use of no-slip hangers to protect your clothes.

And remember: Bins are good for specialty items, too.

7. Make Use of Storage Bins 

Storage bins free shelf space in walk-in closets. Use them to store items you can't hang, like tanks or scarves or undies. This helps keep them in good condition.

Bins can even hold socks!

You can color code your bins by making one color for socks, one for undies, one for ties, one for scarves, and so on.

Using bins frees up the shelf for items like hats and shoes. And they work well with furniture.

8. Consider Adding Furniture

It's nice to have all your clothing items in one space. If your closet is big enough, you can move in trunks for shoes. You can also add a dresser for items like blankets and bed sheets.

And if you're going to add a dresser, you might as well as add the ultimate in furniture for getting ready: a vanity.

9. Store and Primp

A walk-in closet is a superb space for a vanity. You can set up your personal grooming items and enjoy getting ready for the day. Let others fight over the bathroom. 

Close your closet door and luxuriate.

10. Back to the Hangers

Space saving hangers add lots of space to closets. They come in different shapes for different clothes, allowing them to lay flat so that they occupy less space. You can choose from tiered hangers or cascade ones, or mix and match. 

When combined with the color code system, hangers provide superior organization and room. 

In fact, hangers are the essential must-have item to a well-structured walk-in closet, which is why you need to check out Hangorize.

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