5 Clues You're Using Pants Hangers Incorrectly

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5 Clues You're Using Pants Hangers Incorrectly

When your clothes look clean and professional, you do, too.

There's a reason why the laundry and dry cleaning industry earns $16 billion each year in the United States. That's not to mention the number of hours you spend washing, pressing, and ironing your clothes. 

But if you aren't hanging your clothes correctly, this time and money goes to waste. Freshly-ironed pants won't stay wrinkle-free in your closet without proper hangers.

You're even putting your clothes at risk. Improperly hung pants will likely become damaged and have to be replaced more often. So, besides saving you the hassle of having to re-iron, properly hanging your pants can even save you money. 

Not sure if you are using your pants hangers correctly? Read on to see the top five warning signs, and how you can fix them.

1. Using the Wrong Type of Pants Hangers

Picking the wrong type of hanger means that your efforts to hang your pants correctly are already off to a bad start.

If you are using the sort of wire hanger that you get for free from the dry cleaner, you are causing your clothes more harm than good.

These hangers don't have enough strength to hold a pair of pants over their bottom wire. They will sag very noticeably. As they droop, it means that your pants aren't being hung over a straight surface.

Instead, they will slide into the centre of the curing wire, becoming crumpled. Left overnight, your pants will be a wrinkled mess. Plus, the wire has sharp edges that could easily snag on your pants and cause tears.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right hangers for your pants. 

Standard Hangers

These are probably what you imagine when you think of a clothes hanger. These hangers with a triangular shape, with a bar on the bottom connecting the two shoulders.

Pants can be hung over the bar. However, a round shape or slippery material like metal means your pants may fall off. A bit of velvet on the bar solves this problem.

Clip and Clamp Hangers

These hangers let you hang the pants straight, without any need to fold. The clips or clamp holds the pants up by the waistband or the cuffs. 

The upside to these hangers is that they are easy to use, and there's no risk of your pants sliding off. Plus, hanging them straight helps reduce wrinkles.

However, you also need to be sure that the clips or clamp is strong enough to hold your pants, but not so strong that it damages the waistband or buttons. 

2. Folding Them On the Hangers Incorrectly

If you choose standard hangers, there are two main ways that you can fold your pants on hangers to prevent wrinkles and damage.

The easiest way is what we mentioned above, hanging the pants over the bar of the hanger. Fold your pants in half vertically, so the seat pockets are on the outside of the fold. Make sure the fold is lined up evenly.

Drape the folded pants over the bar. Make sure it is even on both sides of the bar, so the waistband is touching the cuffs. This will help make sure they don't slide off.

Don't use clothespins to stop them from sliding off. This will cause strange creasing at the knees. Instead, use velvet pants hangers to provide grip.

The second method takes a bit more practice.

Basically, you need to fold the pant legs so they will support the weight of the pants and keep them from sliding off the hanger. Explaining this method would be an article in itself, so check out a tutorial. 

3. Storing Your Clothes in Dry Cleaning Bags

You might think that leaving your clothes in dry cleaning bags gives them an extra layer of protection. In reality, your allowing your clothes to be damaged.

The bags don't let the fabric breathe. That means any humidity and odor will be trapped. It will only get worse the longer the clothes are left in the bags. This can cause long-term damage, like mold. 

It also doesn't protect your clothes from wrinkles very well. Instead, the best way to stop wrinkles is by keeping your closet from getting overstuffed. 

4. Overstuffing Your Closet

If you're hanging your pants properly and on the right pants hangers, you might wonder why they're still wrinkled when you go to wear them. If this is the case, the culprit is probably an overly full closet. 

When your closet is packed too tightly, your clothes aren't hanging straight. You should have about a quarter of an inch on each side of a hanger. This will keep clothes from touching each other.

You don't need an enormous closet to give your clothes enough space. Pants hangers that let you hang multiple pairs will free up tons of room. Plus, you can organize your pants, putting similar pairs together.

5. Not Hanging Your Pants Up In the First Place

Do you think all this about hanging your pants is too much of a hassle and you would rather just fold your pants instead? Don't!

Folding causes bad creasing.

These creases take frequent ironing to remove. So, unless you want to add a daily ironing session each morning, don't fold your pants in a drawer.

Plus, hanging doesn't have to be a hassle. Just by upgrading to good hangers and a few minutes practicing the perfect fold for hanging makes it a breeze.

Wrapping Up

With these tips, you can keep your pants ready to wear.

By choosing the right hangers and recycling your cheap wire ones, you'll keep them from getting crumpled. 

A bit of attention to how you hang them goes a long way to stop wrinkles and damage. Always taking them out of dry cleaning bags, leaving enough room in your closet, and never folding your pants in a drawer will keep your pants at their best.

So give your closet an overhaul and find the right pants hangers. Your pants will thank you for it!

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