How to Choose the Perfect Hanger for Your Closet

There are plenty of clothes hanger material types—between plastic, wooden, and velvet—as well as various shapes, sizes, and formats. If you aren’t a clothes hanger connoisseur (and, let’s face it, who is?) then choosing the right hanger might feel a little puzzling. After all, there are many factors to consider and if you choose the wrong one, you might end up with a ruined clothing item, or at least some unsightly bumps.

To make the most out of your dress clothes, you’ve got to ensure that they’re properly hung with the perfect hanger. In this article, we’ll look at the key factors and features of clothes hangers and show you how to choose the perfect hanger for every piece of clothing.


Key Factors to Consider When Choosing The Perfect Hanger

Finding the right hanger is a difficult decision that involves multiple factors.


To find the perfect clothes hanger, you need to make sure that the size is appropriate for the clothing item that it will hang. Use these general sizing rules to help you find the right hanger dimensions:

  • Thickness: Heavy clothes hangers should have a 1” thickness, whereas lightweight clothes are better-suited for 0.5” ones.
  • Width: If the width of the hanger is too narrow for the clothing item, you will develop creases, whereas stretching will occur if the hanger is too wide.
  • Children’s: Small children should use 10” hangers, and bigger kids need up to 14” ones.
  • Petite women: Small women and young men should use 15 or 16” contoured hangers.
  • Men and women: Adults should opt for 16 or 17” hangers.
  • Men’s XL: 5 or 19” hangers are ideal for large men.


The shape of your hanger is one of the most important considerations. Curved or contoured hangers should be used to hang suit jackets and coats, whereas flat hangers are better-suited for thin and lightweight clothing such as t-shirts.


Whenever you shop for clothes hangers, keep the hanger’s purpose in mind. For instance, delicate clothing like lingerie should be hung with a padded or velvet hanger because they may rip on plastic or wooden hangers.


The weight of the clothing item should be proportionate to the weight of the hanger. If you need to hang your dress pants, jacket, or any other heavy item, you should trust a heavier hanger such as a wooden one.


Your hangers should reflect your individual sense of style. Not all hangers look the same, and some give off a vibe that might be disagreeable to your preferences. If you want a hanger that perfectly fits your wardrobe, it should share your distinct style.


Hangers with fabric on their arms may help reduce tears, stretches, and shoulder bumps on delicate clothing. Alternatively, you could attach a thin piece of foam to your standard hangers, but this may look odd if you use it to hang your finest apparel.

Folding vs. Clipping

Many hangers come with clips attached to their crossbar. Although it may seem convenient to rely on clips to hang your pants or ties, they can take up lots of space and even damage your clothes if they’re delicate.

To save space in your closet, we suggest folding your pants or ties over the crossbar and ensure that there aren’t any creases over the bar. If you use clips, you may find permanent dents or “teeth marks” in your clothing.


Types of Clothing Items You Want to Hang

Not all hangers are created equally. Some hangers are better-suited for certain clothing items, such as ties and delicate accessories, whereas others are meant for heavier items like coats and jackets.


Hangers for Pants

Since pants tend to be heavier clothing items, it’s best that you invest in a sturdy wooden hanger type with a firm crossbar. This 17.5” wooden suit hanger is an excellent choice due to its sturdiness and the fact that its thick crossbar can hold plenty of weight for even your bulkiest dress pants or overalls. Plus, if you’re hanging a suit


Hangers for Belts

The ideal belt hanger is one that offers many arms for you to store multiple pieces at once. This non-slip tie or belt swivel hanger is an ideal choice if you have a large belt collection because it features 18 arms to store every belt, scarf, or accessory in your wardrobe.


Hangers for Delicate Clothing Items

Your most delicate pieces should be treated with exceptional care. To extend the lifespan of your most delicate ties or your thin scarves, you should invest in fabric-lined hangers, such as this 15” satin boutique hanger. The fabric-coated arms will provide friction so they won’t fall on the ground, and their softness will safeguard against tears.


Hangers for Ties

If you work in an office environment, you probably have a growing tie collection. To store your ties properly, invest in a hanging velvet-lined organizer. These hangers are wrapped in soft fabric to prevent snags that could tear your thin ties, and the friction from the velvet reduces the number of slips.




Different Materials Are Better For Different Types

Not all clothing types are well suited for wooden, plastic, wire, or fabric hangers. If you want your clothes to last, you should match your hangers and clothes by material type.


Wooden Hangers

Bulkier clothing is meant for wooden hangers, which are sturdy, durable, and provide plenty of strength for your largest items. These hangers won’t bend or break over time, so they’re ideal for sport coats or suit jackets. However, the downside is that they’re unforgiving in their shape, so they won’t contour to the shape of your clothes over time.

Wooden hangers often feature a crossbar which is an excellent addition if you want to store your dress pants with your shirt or jacket. Although they tend to be more expensive than plastic or fabric hangers, they’re a worthy investment for those who wear fine apparel.


Plastic Hangers

Plastic clothes hangers are worthwhile additions to every closet. They won’t win your wardrobe any style points, but they get the job done if you want inexpensive and multipurpose hangers. These hangers are the ideal choice for children, petite women, and those who need affordable hangers for lightweight clothes.

Look for plastic clothes hangers with notch hooks on the sides. Hangers with notches prevent unwanted slips, which can damage your clothes.


Velvet Hangers

Small and delicate clothing is the perfect match for velvet hangers. Although they may look dainty, most velvet hangers can hold up to 10 pounds, which makes them appropriate for a wide variety of clothing items. However, their soft construction makes velvet hangers perfect for lingerie, ties, scarves, t-shirts, and other thin pieces of clothing that might otherwise rip or stretch on firmer hanger types.

We suggest these ultra-slim velvet hangers that can save you a ton of closet space if you’re short on room. Remember, though, that it’s a bad idea to cram too many clothing items in your closet. When the fabrics brush up against each other, they can cause permanent creases and dents that look unsightly. 


Size of the Closet and How To Preserve Space

If you have a smaller closet, you should make the most out of the room you have by preserving closet space with slim hangers. Although we would all love to have a larger closet, that isn’t always feasible or affordable. Instead, we can make the most of what we have by investing in space-saving organizers and hangers.

There are plenty of hangers that will save your closet much-needed space. For instance, vertically-designed hangers such as these 4-step velvet hangers allow you to hang up to four clothing items in the space typically reserved for one. Not only are these hangers appropriate for hanging pants, but they also work well for ties, belts, and scarves.

To buy yourself even more closet space, you can purchase non-slip swivel organizers which provide 18 arms with which to store clothing pieces. If you find that your belts, boots, ties, or scarves are taking up too much of your closet, then this is the perfect hanger for you.



Taking good care of your clothes and maximizing your closet space starts with knowing how to choose a clothes hanger. Although they might look the same, they’re anything but. To keep your clothes looking their best, invest in proper clothes hangers for their fabric type, weight, and size. With the right hanger, your clothes will last longer and look better—and who doesn’t want that?

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