How to Choose the Right Suit Hangers

How to Choose the Right Suit Hangers

When it comes to your wardrobe, whether you're a man or a woman, suits are probably the most expensive items of clothing in there.

Whether we're willing to splash out up to $5000 on the perfect suit, or we set our sights a little lower, we should all see our suits as what they are - investments, that need to be shown a little TLC.

The reward for that is classic looks that will serve you both personally and professionally for years to come.

And let's face it - all suits spend more time on the hanger than they do on you. So that hanger needs to be on point.

Here's our failsafe guide to suit hangers, to make sure they always look great on you.

Men's Suit Hanger Essentials

Let's start with what a suit hanger is not - you guessed it - made of wire!!

Wire hangers are to be avoided at all costs!! Why? Because your suit was carefully designed and crafted to fit the contours of the human body. And most people's bodies are absolutely nothing like wire hangers...

The wrong hanger has the potential to seriously damage your suit. A suit is a complex garment, made of many components, each themselves made of different materials.

The padding used in the shoulders is particularly susceptible to the damaging intentions of wire, or other types of narrow hangers.

It will cause indentations, pulling the padding out of shape. If left on it for a long time, it will cause the padding to flatten in places, which will be noticeable when you wear it.

It will also stretch out the fabric at the shoulders and around the collar, leading to lumps and bumps. Gaping collars never were - and never will be - in fashion.

The same principles apply to women's suits - wire and narrow plastic hangers will do you no favors.

Now you know what it isn't, here's what makes the perfect suit hanger.

The Perfect Suit Hanger

First of all, the material.

The perfect suit hanger is carefully crafted out of wood. They usually come in pleasing dark wood tones, such as cherry, conjuring images of paneled libraries and high-end tailors.

Suits are as individual as the people who wear them, and your hangers need to match this. The best suit hangers are available in a range of sizes.

This is important because it ensures that the shoulders have support along their full length, avoiding the sagging mentioned earlier.

Suit hangers are designed to be wider at the shoulders and taper in towards the neck. This also supports the shoulders and helps to keep all the components in place. It reduces stress on the shoulder pads, so they remain pert.

Plastic variants are also available and are good if you cannot get hold of wooden ones. The key consideration is shape - make sure that it works with the contours of the suit, keeping everything where it should be.

The Pants Bar

A suit hanger is a two-part affair. It makes sense to store both parts of your suit together, and the place for the pants is on the bar across the hanger.

Specialist suit hangers come with a bar of medium thickness, usually held in place by two metal fixings, that will allow your pants to hang straight, without giving them a horizontal crease in the middle.

The metal fixings ensure that the pants don't get snagged by the hanger as you're taking them off. Some are covered in velvet.

The advantage of a velvet covering is that it provides a slightly grippy surface, that keeps the pants in place. It also provides a snag-free environment, keeping the fibers in perfect order.

Women's Suits - The Right Hanger

Many of the same principles apply when it comes to storing women's suits correctly.

The key is keeping the shoulders in place and avoiding compression of the shoulder pads. The unique shape of wooden suit hangers takes care of this.

Pants can be hung on the pants rail, as with men's. However, while you can hang skirts on the pants rail as well, you may prefer choosing an option specifically crafted for women's suits.

This will include skirt clips. The beauty of clips is that they can be adjusted to keep different styles and sizes hanging straight and looking great.

Suit Storage Tips

Suits respond well to a bit of attention. One of the simplest and most effective ways you can keep them looking great is giving them a quick brush before you hang them up.

Doing this removed the dirt they've picked up during a day's wear. As high-quality suits are usually made of natural fibers, such as wool, it also helps keep them looking great for longer.

Storing your suits correctly, drying them off if they get wet and giving them a regular brush will greatly reduce trips to the dry cleaners.

When the time comes for a clean, make sure you always have the pants and the jacket dry cleaned at the same time. Dry cleaning them separately will mean they fade at different rates, and could look mismatched.

The Takeaway: How to Choose the Right Suit Hangers

The key to perfect suit hangers - choose wood, and choose specialist suit hangers.

There is no substitute for the wide at the shoulders, narrow at the neck shape. Whether you're hanging men's or women's suits, these hangers will keep them in perfect shape, all the time.

Follow the extra care tips, and your suits will look perfect - and give you that sartorial edge - for years to come.

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