How to Store Scarves Without Wrinkling (30 Creative Ideas)

For many people, scarves are a go-to fashion choice that adds a pop of color and helps present a polished, professional appearance. That said, figuring out how to store scarves neatly can pose quite a challenge.

Whether you have six scarves or sixty, you’ll want to keep them organized so that it’s easy to pick the perfect accessory to go with any outfit.


30 Creative Ways to Organize Your Scarves

Deciding how to organize scarves doesn’t have to be expensive. It can also be simple.

Below, we’ll look at the 30 of the best ways to store your scarves.

There are a few different ways to approach this. We’re going to break it down into a few categories to keep things just as organized as your scarves.


The Best Ways to Store Scarves in a Closet

  1. Buy a Scarf Hanger

Purchase a standard scarf organizer. These handy racks have concentric circles that make it easy to slide scarves in and out and see all your options.

  1. Open shelving in a closet

If you have space, consider stacking folded scarves on a closet shelf. This option works particularly well for larger scarves like pashminas and wraps.

  1. Sliding scarf hangers

A sliding scarf hanger is a great option for smaller spaces since it lets you stash a row of hanging scarves behind other items and then slide it out to make your selection.

  1. Use a normal clothes hanger

Fold scarves longwise in thirds and hang them side by side on a standard wooden, velvet or plastic coat hanger. As long as you have some room on your closet rod, it works well for any number of pieces.

  1. Install door handles on your closet wall

For a unique approach, try screwing door handles or drawer pulls to your closet wall. Then hang one scarf on each.

  1. Install towel bars on your closet wall

Mount towel bars on your closet wall, fold scarves and hang them up. Choose bars of different widths and offset their positions so that scarves are more readily visible.

  1. Pick up a craft storage cart

Organize your scarves in a craft storage cart. Tuck the cart into your closet under shorter hanging clothes for easier access.

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How to Store Scarves in a Drawer

  1. Store in drawers

Drawers are an obvious approach to scarf storage. To avoid overlooking items, follow the latest advice from professional organizers: fold scarves and stand them up in rows rather than stacking them.

  1. Recycle a box divider from the liquor store

Place the insert from a case of wine or liquor in a drawer to keep scarves tidy –fold them lengthwise, roll up, and tuck one item into each space.

  1. Try a set of office cubbies

Office supply cubbies work great for organizing scarves. Just fold and stack scarves in each section and then place the whole unit on a closet shelf.

  1. Make a cubby system out of shoe boxes

Choose four to six shoe boxes that are the same size and clip them together with binder clips at the top and bottom. Place on a closet shelf and fold and stack scarves inside.

  1. Re-purpose storage baskets

Tuck your scarves into cute baskets if they’ll sit on open, visible shelving, or use plain, less expensive versions if they are tucked away in a closet. Use a normal clothes hanger

  1. Store in a vintage metal basket

Store in a vintage metal basket

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Antique accessories add flair to just about any décor. Tuck folded scarves into a vintage basket, and then display it anywhere, from the bedroom to the living room.


Other Creative Ways to Display Scarves

  1. Repurpose your ladder

If you’re into funky design, try leaning a ladder against the wall and draping scarves over each rung. It’s an approach that will fill your room with color, and it keeps all your neck ware at your fingertips.

  1. Use hallway clothes hooks

If you only have a handful of scarves, you can use a row of coat hooks in a hallway or behind a door to keep them tidy.

Use hallway clothes hooks

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  1. Turn them into wall décor

Make your accessories do double duty, and use a photo board to turn them into chic, memorable wall art.

  1. Drape over a clothes rack

Keep your neck ware close at hand with a simple storage option: drape scarves over a clothes rack in your closet or bedroom.

  1. Use clothing pegs

Pegs are an approach that’s similar to hallway hooks, but they offer a less contemporary, cozy farmhouse look.

  1. Hang scarves over a wine rack

Pick up an inexpensive wine rack. Scarves can be hung or rolled, and when you throw a party, you can temporarily tuck the scarves into a box and use the rack to serve guests.

  1. Store in a suitcase

Make your suitcase do double duty: roll or fold scarves and tuck them inside, then put the luggage on the floor of your closet with the lid up for easy access. Or mount it on inexpensive legs if you don’t use it for travel – it can double as a cute side table, a nightstand, or even a popup bar.

 Store in a suitcase

Source: Pinterest

  1. Use a zip line to hang shower rings

Mount hooks or eyebolts at the same height on opposing walls of your closet. Stretch picture hanging wire between them, then slip plastic shower curtain rings onto the line and hang a scarf from each one.

  1. Cut and repurpose PVC pipe

Cut a piece of PVC that’s four inches in diameter into sections. Arrange them in a drawer or a box on a closet shelf, and tuck rolled scarves inside.

Cut and repurpose PVC pipe

Source: Pinterest

  1. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer

Plastic shoe organizers are great for storing lots of things besides just shoes. Hang one on the back of the closet door, roll up your scarves, and pop one into each slot.

  1. Turn fence scrap into a scarf organizer

Create some simple scarf organization from a square of chain link fence. Push a cork from a bottle of wine onto each of the cut ends of the fencing to prevent snags and hang it on a bedroom or closet wall.

  1. Upcycle scarves in clear plastic cups

Cups are a great way to keep your neck ware neat, and upcycling is great for the environment. Place them side by side in a drawer or align them in a box and then put it on its side on a closet shelf.

  1. Store scarves in wall-mounted mail organizers

Wire racks designed for organizing mail are an effective way to store scarves. Fold them into squares and slip them into the slots.

Store scarves in wall-mounted mail organizers

Source: Pinterest

  1. Use a newspaper rack

An old-fashioned librarian’s newspaper rack is a great way to organize scarves and keep them neat in a minimal amount of space. Or make your own by upcycling old broomsticks.

Use a newspaper rack

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  1. Fasten curtain rings to a standard hanger

Use duct tape or zip ties to attach large curtain rings to the arms of a large hanger. Add as many rings as you’d like, then slip one scarf into each and hang from the closet bar.

  1. Repurpose a cork board and some binder clips

Hang binder clips on a cork board with sturdy push pins. Pinch the corner of one scarf in each clip to hang them up.

  1. Turn scarves into drapes

For a terrific boho approach, loop scarves over your curtain rod, pulling the ends around and through the loop to create a colorful window treatment you can wear!

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3 Tips Before You Start Organizing Your Scarves

No matter which method you choose, organizing your scarves is a practical step you can complete in no time. Before you get started, take a few minutes to consider the following tips:


Wash Before Storing

Before you put your scarves away, toss them in the washing machine, hand wash in the sink, or drop them off at the dry cleaner’s. That way, they’ll be fresh and ready to wear the next time you need them.


Store by Season

Sort your scarves by weight, color, and pattern, so it’s easy to find items that are appropriate for the current season. Then store them accordingly, with current choices in the most accessible area of whichever approach you’ve chosen.

Baskets and boxes have an advantage over racks and hooks in this regard. You can quickly rotate their position in your closet or drawer so that winter scarves are out of the way during the summer, for example.


Store Out of Direct Sunlight

Like any other fabric, scarves can become streaked and faded if they’re left in the sun.

Be sure you keep your scarves in a dry, cool place, and if you’re planning to use a rack or hooks so that your scarves double as wall décor, be sure to protect them from direct sunlight.


Hang, Fold or Stack?

Approaches to organizing your scarves are almost as numerous and varied as the scarves themselves.

Whether you fold your scarves and stack them in boxes or bins, or hang them from racks, hooks, or even a ladder, you’ll quickly realize that keeping your accessories organized makes dressing easier and more fun.


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3 tips before you start organizing your scarves30 creative ways to organize your scarves

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