Bamboo Hangers


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Bamboo Hangers

Our eco-friendly bamboo hangers are as strong as typical wooden hangers, and their smooth, light or dark grain finish gives them an attractive appearance.

Note: Bamboo reproduces itself every five years, which makes it a much more sustainable resource than wood derived from trees.

The bamboo hangers are light, flexible, and incredibly strong, making them ideal for hanging all types of clothes, including heavy winter coats.

The bamboo material is easy to clean as it’s heat, stain, water, and odor resistant, and the hangers are finished with a heavy lacquer coating to prevent splintering,

Our bamboo hangers feature a space-saving flat body, two shoulder notches for the option of hanging straps, and a polished chrome swivel hook for easy maneuverability.

These strong, durable hangers will last you a lifetime. Get free shipping on all online orders today!