Boot Hangers

Our boot hangers are designed to save space in the closet and organize your boots most efficiently.  

Hanging your boots increases their longevity, especially when it comes to leather boots. The hanging position promotes airflow and allows the boot to breathe. It also reduces odor and mold since the body of the boot is open, and any moisture that accumulates inside can dry quickly.

Our small single hangers with two satin chrome clips are capable of holding the weight of anything from booties to over-the-knee varieties. The metal clips are lined with silicone so they won’t damage the leather or suede, or leave marks on your boots.

We also carry vertical boot hangers with multiple clips that fit up to five or six pairs of boots. Single boot hangers are an effective way of storing a few pairs of boots, but the vertical rods offer a more space-saving option if your collection is more extensive. Get free shipping on all online orders!