Children's Wooden Hangers


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Children's Wood Hangers

Our children’s wooden hangers are available in a variety of designs and sizes to fit your kids’ clothes from babies and toddlers through to juniors. Choosing the correctly-sized hangers eliminates any unwanted “shoulder bumps” in their clothes.

All of our children’s wooden hangers are made from the finest hardwoods that will last for years. The premium range is triple-layered in lacquer for a smooth, beautiful finish, and we also stock a bright white finish.

Our sturdy all-purpose wooden hangers for coats, tops, sweaters, and shirts come with a chrome swivel hook and rounded end. And we also have dress hangers with shoulder notches designed for hanging straps.

The children’s wooden suit hangers are available either with a round trouser bar and non-slip plastic grip or a chrome bar with two adjustable soft-grip clips for hanging pants and skirts.