Chrome Hangers


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Chrome Hangers

Our high-quality, low-cost chrome metal hangers have an elegant look that will last a lifetime. They’re made from heavy-gauge polished chrome and are perfect for just about any garment. And their space-saving, sleek design looks chic in any wardrobe or closet.

The chrome hangers include dress loop notches, so they’re suitable for shirts, tops, blouses, woolens, jackets, coats, trousers, etc. while our “super strong” chrome metal hangers are ideal for motorcycle leathers, wet and dry suits, personal protective equipment, uniforms, etc.

We have a selection of styles for pants and trousers, including adjustable chrome metal clip hangers, multi-bar chrome trouser hangers, and open-ended chrome pant hangers, which makes hanging and removing pants easy.

And we also stock a range of chrome accessory hangers for scarves, belts, ties, and jewelry.