Children's Hangers


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Children's Hangers

Our kid’s and children’s hangers are designed to look smart while protecting clothes from stretched necks and puckered shoulders. And they’re available in a variety of materials, shapes, and styles.

The all-purpose plastic hangers are suitable for tops, trousers, dresses, and skirts. They include hooks on the bar for hanging garments with straps and loops. And they’re available in blue, pink or white so you can brighten up your kid's wardrobe.

The velvet-flocked slimline children's hangers gently grip garments so they won’t slip off. And the 360-degree chrome swivel hook allows for easy positioning in your kid’s wardrobe or closet space. They’re available in a variety of colors.

The wooden hangers for kids are available in a natural varnished finish or brilliant white color. Shoulder notches allow you to hang clothes with garment straps and loops without them slipping off. And the drop-down bar for hanging pants or skirts includes anti-stain clear cushion clips to hold delicate garments firmly in place. Free shipping on all online orders.