Natural Wood Hangers


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Natural Wood Hangers

Our natural wood hangers are perfect for coats, suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, dresses and more. Their light, neutral-colored wood grain blends well with any wardrobe and decor. And the smooth lacquered wood finish prevents your clothes from snagging.

The 360-degree, chrome swivel hook compliments the natural wood and allows you to position the hanger in any direction to fit your space. Shoulder notches allow you to hang clothes with garment straps and loops without them slipping off.

The trouser bar comes with a non-slip plastic grip coating to prevent your pants from ending up on the wardrobe floor. The drop-down bar for hanging pants or skirts includes non-staining cushions on the clips so you can safely hang delicate fabrics.

The natural contour of our classic wooden hangers keeps your clothing in shape and reduces the need for ironing.