Pants Hangers


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Pants Hangers

We have a wide range of hangers for your pants and trousers all designed to keep your garments off the wardrobe floor.

Our space-saving S-Type metal hangers feature a non-slip rubber-coated bar, so even silky finish dress pants don’t slide off. You can hang up to five pairs of pants, trousers or slacks on one hanger, so you have extra room in your closet or wardrobe for other garments.

We also have slim-line soft velvet multi-pants hangers that hold up to four pairs of pants, trousers or slacks.

Our wooden pants hangers feature a flat space-saving profile and a polished chrome swivel hook. Choose from the traditional non-slip rubberized bar that prevents pants from slipping and creasing, or the adjustable chrome clips with non-staining, rubber cushions. Get free shipping on all online orders today!