Skirt Hangers


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Skirt Hangers

Our skirt hangers are available in a variety of finishes and materials, including wood, metal, and plastic, to complement your wardrobe or closet.

The skirt hangers have a simple design with two clips on either end of the rod that holds the skirt in place. You can slide the clips along the length of the bar to accommodate different shapes and sizes of skirts. But more importantly, the silicone-lined clips provide a tight grip without damaging the fabric or leaving marks.

Single skirt hangers are an excellent option for people with a few skirts, but if you have an extensive collection, you may want to consider our tiered racks that allow you to store multiple skirts on one hanger. The tiered racks are made of heavy-duty metal and provide hanging space for either four or six garments so that you can store all your skirts in a limited space.Get free shipping on all online orders today!