Velvet Hangers


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Velvet Hangers

Velvet (felt) non slip hangers are a popular choice for both retailers and home closets because they are attractive, durable and the design keeps clothing in place without causing damage or indentations that are difficult to iron out.

Our velvet hangers are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to ensure that you have an aesthetic and secure way to hang all of your clothes.


How do you clean velvet hangers?

Avoid getting your velvet hangers wet. If they do become wet, blot them with a towel and let them air dry. If your velvet hanger is dusty, gently vacuum the hanger.


Why choose velvet hangers over others?

Many people choose velvet hangers because they are gentle on clothing.

How do you keep velvet hangers from shedding?

High-quality velvet hangers are less likely to shed. When you remove clothing from your hanger, avoid pulling it off the hanger.


How do you use clips on velvet hangers?

Clips on velvet hangers work the same way as other types of hangers with clips.


What size velvet hanger should I buy?

The size you use will vary based on your clothing and other needs. You can use the same size as you normally do with other hangers.