Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are ideal for all types of clothing - pants, jackets, dresses, shirts - and come in a variety of sizes to fit infants, children, teens and adults. Wooden hangers can also be equipped with clips or clamps to keep clothing secure. Eco-friendly wooden hangers are available in light or dark wooden tones. You can also find painted hangers that are black, white, or a variety of other colors to match your decor. 



Wooden hangers or plastic hangers?
Many people purchase plastic hangers because they are inexpensive. However, most plastic hangers can only hold a small amount of weight. Over time, plastic hangers sag which may cause fabrics to stretch around the shoulders. High-quality wooden hangers may cost a bit more, but they’ll last a lifetime.
How to store wood hangers?
When not in use, you can store wooden hangers on the closet rod (if you have space) or store them in a box to keep them free from wear, tear and dust.
How to take care of wooden hangers?
Most hangers have multiple coats of lacquer to protect the natural wood, so they last a long time. Try to keep hangers in a dry cool place to prevent them from warping.
What size wooden hanger should I buy?
When buying wooden hangers, the size can be a little confusing. Infant and children’s hangers are typically 10 to 11-inches, while adult hangers can range from 17 to 20-inches.
Always double-check the specifications before you buy to see if it will work for your clothing.