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Best Ever

These hangers hold up year after year with hard heavy use.

Very happy with them. Would have brought more if were cheaper.

Getting what you order.

I ordered these a week or so ago and today they showed up...exactly what I ordered! I wish this happened when I order stuff from other people.

My Order

I have yet to receive my order.

Hello Robert, Sorry about that..due to holidays your package is in transit a bit longer than expected. This is the message from UPS:. 'Package is Scheduled For Early Delivery On:Thursday, 01/03/2019 , By End of Day. Originally Scheduled For Delivery On: Friday, 01/04/2019.' Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions. Hangorize.
These hangers are just what I was looking for

These are made well, look great and work perfectly. I did not want hangers with the little notches that all of the other companies add for women's strappy clothing, as they tend to snag my shirts when I pull the clothes off of the hanger. I could not find such a hanger anywhere. I finally found this company that made them. This was a great purchase. I will buy more of these.

Tie Rack Hanger with Non-Slip Clips

Great hangers!

Sturdy and smooth! Who doesn’t love that?!

Tubular Hangers

They are great. The larger size prevents wrinkling of clothing.


Highest Quality Super Heavy Duty White Plastic Tubular Hangers - Made in The USA


Best Hangers Ever for sweaters, coats and jackets...

Strong hangers for the price

Perfect all around hanger. Strong enough plastic to hold a pair of jeans or slacks along with a shirt. I needed quantity over quality but was pleasently surprised by the quality of these hangers

Nothing fancy, but this is a great deal

A big box of hangers, awesome. My wife had been complaining about the lack of hangers and this was a great deal for quite a few hangers. Of course, they are just plastic, but they should last quite some time.

Fine for my needs.

Perfect for what I need. I wanted hangers for taking to resale/consignment shop that doesn\'t return our hangers. Once I decide to get rid of something, I change it to these white hangers and move it to another closet. Once I have enough, off to the consignment shop they go. They are cheap enough to give away, sturdy enough to not break with a few uses and they look nice. Cannot remark on daily usage.

These hangers arrived in great condition and are good quality

These hangers arrived in great condition and are good quality. They are not heavy duty but if I wanted that I would have sought that out. I wanted everyday clothes hangers for normal clothes not heavy jackets, sweaters etc.

Five Stars

Arrived quickly just in time to finish laundry. Get price for the amount of hangers you receive.